Why I think cash back sites are a saving game changer

Saving money can often seem like an thankless task, especially when there always seems to be something that needs paying for. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try to save there are some things we simply can’t avoid paying out for. Has your washing machine broken? Do the kids need new clothes? Is it Aunt Sally’s birthday already? For those unavoidable purchases you’ll be surprised to know you can actually get cash back for your purchases. I want to introduce you to my newest find on the journey to saving money, TopCashBack <<Cue applause!>>

If you make your purchase via the TopCashBack website or app you can get a percentage of your purchase back. Retailers such as Argos, M&S, ASOS, eBay, Debenhams, George and Matalan amongst many others full retailer list here) have joined to give you money back on your purchases. Time frames for cash back varies depending on the retailer and can sometimes take a few months to reach your account but if nothing else then at least you can save without even thinking about it. I’m. Fantastic spender but not such a great saver so this for me is the ideal way for me to save.

An even more useful section on the Top Cash Back site focuses on utility companies If you are looking to change energy suppliers or phone providers TopCashBack is definitely the place to go. I managed to gain £11 back in one transaction by opening a new 30 day sim-only contract with Plusnet, something I was going to do anyway, bonus!

For home improvement purchases get cash back from B&Q, Screwfix, Dunelm and Homesense to name but a few.

It’s not just the obvious companies that have gotten involved, you can gain cash back on airport parking and hire cars for those unavoidable trips. Save money on birthday and Christmas presents with Gift experiences from Buy a gift, Virgin Experience days and Red Letter Days with as much as 13.65% Cash Back.

The only two downsides I’ve found so far and one particular thing to be aware of is when you sign up you are automatically put onto the sites “plus” membership (yearly fee £5, with little to no worthwhile benefits) as opposed to the free membership so once you earn your first £5 it will be taken off! Make sure you chose free membership if it gives you the option or if it doesn’t which I don’t remember being asked make sure you switch it back in your account settings on the desktop site. The second downside is that some purchases may not track, I’ve had to open a dispute for two so far, one exclusively from Plusnet as it didn’t appear and the other a cancelled purchase from Gatwick parking. They can take up to three months to resolve so do be aware of this and don’t make purchases based on how much cash back you think you’ll get as it may not always go through based on whether or not you meet the terms and conditions.

Another amazing cash back site I discovered only today is KidStart, this site is designed as an additional way for families to save money for little ones using the same principles as other cash back sites. Like TopCashBack, KidStart also has an app. One of the most appealing parts for me was the availability of cash back from Amazon. I make a lot of my everyday purchases on Amazon so to gain money back for these is great news for my bank balance. As far as I’m aware Amazon do not affiliate with TopCashBack or any other site of this kind either so its the only place I’ve found that I can get cash back on Amazon purchases. It’s a little slow to register your purchases though, I’ve made two and they’ve still not shown up but I did get an email straight after confirming my purchase so don’t worry too much as I’m sure it’ll show up eventually.

There are other cash back sites such as Quidco but I haven’t had any experience with this one yet, it’s worth looking into different sites for your country as there may be many others, this is specifically this UK based.

I’d love to know if you have had any personal experience with cash back sites or if you have any others you’d like to share with me. Leave your thoughts in the comments 😊

P.S This is not an affiliated post I just think cash back sites are pretty damn awesome.

Happy saving!

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