How to have an eco friendly Easter

I have to shamefully admit that this is the first Easter in my 34 years that I’ve even considered the environmental impacts of Easter and it’s many plastic packaged eggs.

This year, on my mission to plastic free I wanted to see exactly what plastic free eggs were on offer to me and the increasingly eco conscious consumer.

After some serious research I have finally put together my top picks for a plastic free Easter. So here’s my guide to the most eco friendly Easter eggs for your loved ones.


The following options are in the £6-£10 price range. I didn’t look at luxury eggs as frankly paying more than £10 for an Easter egg is mental in my eyes and realistically what parents with an average income can afford this? Especially with more than one child. So with being thrifty and eco friendly in mind, here are my more expensive Easter options.

Montezuma Organic Eco egg

Montezuma have aptly named this chocolate egg the Eco Egg. The egg is available in three flavours, dark chocolate with cocoa nib, white chocolate and raspberry and milk chocolate with butterscotch (none of which I have tried myself yet!)

The egg is wrapped in foil and the outside packaging is made with biodegradable paper and a recyclable sleeve.

The individual price ranges from store to store at £6 to £9 with the cheapest available from at Sainsburys at £6. Grab yourself a bargain while they last cos I don’t imagine they’ll be around for long.

Booja Booja dairy free Easter egg – £9.95

This stunningly gorgeous, hand painted chocolate egg from dairy free brand Booja Booja is almost too pretty to eat.

The small egg is expensive at around £10 but the large egg is astronomical at an eye watering £26.99. Both ribbon tied and possibly a lovely gift for a special one at Easter and best of all completely plastic free!

Hotel Chocolat Quail eggs in sustainable box

Scanning the Hotel Chocolat website for plastic free chocolate is a difficult task, the majority of Easter items have a plastic element. So when I stumbled across the quails eggs in sustainable box I was quite surprised. Hotel Chocolat have updated their Quail egg packaging and ditched the plastic. The quail eggs are little individual truffles and the box is made from sugar cane so completely compostable.

Hotel Chocolat do have delicious chocolate treats but at £10 for 12 little eggs I’ll probably be giving these a miss!


The Real Easter Egg by the meaningful chocolate company.

Fair trade, palm oil free and reasonably priced at only £4.50, (£4 in Morrisons) The Real Easter egg by the meaningful chocolate company is completely plastic free and also comes with a 24 page activity book based on the real reason we celebrate Easter (I appreciate the religious element isn’t for everyone) stocked in Asda, Tesco, Waitrose and Morrison’s.

The company replaced their plastic packaging for 2019 after a survey revealed a preference for plastic free from survey participants.

This is also the UK’s only charity Easter egg as well.

More than 400 eggs have been donated to food banks across the UK. For me despite not being religious myself I think this is a pretty strong contender for value and ethics.

Divine chocolate Easter Eggs

Fairtrade, vegan and palm oil free Divines whole range of Dairy free Easter eggs are completely plastic free and available wrapped in foil in a recyclable cardboard box. Individual eggs are priced from £5 each.

Green and blacks organic dark chocolate Easter eggs

Foil wrapped dark chocolate egg with a cardboard box, some of these eggs also contain a bar of chocolate wrapped in foil and paper. They come in three flavours and are usually £6 but Only £4 at the moment in Sainsburys.

Supermarket own brand Easter eggs

Trying to get information from the supermarkets on their plastic free options was like trying to get blood out of a stone, no one really wanted to tell me what they offered in regards of plastic free options, not even to talk about their own brand Easter eggs. What I did get back was avoidance of the subject and a load of pre written PR crap.

I didn’t have time to visit all the supermarkets individually to look for myself (busy mum of two) but here are some of the responses I received online from them.

whilst the plastic casing was removed from Waitrose coconut egg the box still has a plastic window! Honestly what is the point?

Thornton’s was one of the most infuriating responses and so long!

and from what I learnt from looking at Thornton’s eggs in the supermarket all had a plastic window on the box and I imagine plastic casing inside. That explains the overly unnecessary response.

Marks and Spencer’s response was equally as bad.

I got no response from Asda or Tesco.

I only visited Sainsbury’s in person but I did try to check all websites of the other supermarkets. I’d love to know if anyone else has had any luck finding plastic free eggs in any of the other supermarkets.

I’m using sainsburys as an example of how not to do Easter as I was particularly annoyed with their Twitter response when asked about this topic.

Turns out Sainsburys were one of the worst offenders for plastic on their own brand Easter products.

I found plastic netted chocolates and assorted plastic eggs *sigh* in Sainsburys, Asda, Morrison’s, Tesco.

However, Sainsburys and ASDA had an Easter bunny wrapped in foil and Sainsburys are selling paint your own ceramic Easter eggs for £5.


I contacted Cadbury and Mars to ask which of their eggs were plastic free. Cadbury’s didn’t respond and Mars response was rather confusing. They named three products which were supposedly plastic free but when I looked into it myself they were not plastic free at all! I was actually unable to find any Mars Easter eggs which were plastic free. All of the eggs had either packets of sweets or bars wrapped in plastic. Even the Maltesers Bunny egg had a plastic packaged bunny in it. So disappointed as Mars is my favourite and one of the better value options.


All Cadbury’s giant Easter eggs contain a packet or bar of sweets wrapped in plastic which is a huge shame as the eggs are wrapped in foil. The boxes are recyclable cardboard but they have a clear plastic Window. However, I did manage to find a few Cadbury’s eggs that were plastic free which is good news for the family as we are big Cadbury fans.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter egg – 75g and 72g

Both of these eggs are essentially the same and the same price at £1. The only difference is one is inside a cardboard box.

Cadbury’s Creme Egg

Both the large egg and the two Creme Eggs are wrapped in foil and the box is recyclable cardboard.

Cadbury’s mini bunnies

Foil wrapped and cardboard packaging.

Cadbury full size bunny

Cadbury’s cream eggs, caramel egg, Oreo egg – all wrapped in foil. Multi packs are packaged in foil and cardboard.

Cadbury’s bunny toy and Easter egg. Whilst this isn’t plastic packaging the toy is made from 100% polyester!

Thornton’s had nothing plastic free to offer.


Every Lindt Easter egg had a plastic window in their packaging so for this reason I couldn’t list them. The only Lindt Easter chocolate I could add to my list is the classic Lindt foil wrapped bunny. These are available in small and large and white and milk chocolate. You will also find these everywhere at Easter!


We absolutely love Kinder in the Jones household but the only Kinder Easter chocs I could find which were plastic free were Kinder friends on a trip. Foil wrapped in cardboard bus.


Nestle had the most plastic free Easter offerings of all the brands.

The small Milkbar Easter Egg, foil wrapped and boxed in cardboard.

The Milkybar Milky Barn is also plastic free and consumers are encouraged to make a puppet show out of the box, quite sweet.

Milkybar Egg hunt pack

Milkybar bunny

Smarties Hen house and smarties Easter egg hunt pack

So what now?

All of the brands are really letting themselves down with the plastic packaged sweets that come with the foil wrapped eggs. If they could go back to the old skool way and put the sweets inside the egg itself then the plastic problem would be solved!Also, putting plastic windows in boxes is also a cause for concern.

Supermarkets need to ditch the plastic windows and netting and really up their game for next year as they are all very disappointing.

As for the foil, perhaps there needs to be another way forward, as whilst it’s not plastic, foil can have its own environmental impacts.

What are the alternatives?

Make your own eggs!

I’ve never attempted to do this before as I’m not great at this type of thing but if it avoids plastic then it might be worth considering. Be aware that some chocolate bars are packaged in plastic so to use these to melt and make your own eggs would defeat the object of not buying a plastic encased egg in the first place.

To get you started ASDA sell silicone egg moulds to help you on your way, these are easily cleaned and can be used for Easter’s to come saving for a fortune on over priced posh choc eggs!

I hope this post helped you make the right decisions for your family and the environment this Easter. Obviously I haven’t listed all the plastic free eggs that exist as I’m sure there are many more out there, so if you know of any other plastic free eggs I can add to the list please feel free to leave me a comment below or tweet me.

Have a lovely Eco Easter!

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8 Replies to “How to have an eco friendly Easter”

  1. Excellent and well-researched article Nikki. Plastic windows in packaging (as well as envelopes) really annoy me. I also despair as you do with the plastic packaging in standard chocolate bars. What is the point in presenting an eco-front only to find eco-unfriendly products within unless it’s green washing!


  2. This is fantastic, thank you! But so disappointing. I found my local Morrison’s had milk chocolate foil-wrapped bunnies for £1 each which my three will be getting, while hubby will be getting a box of 5 cadbury’s creme eggs! Or the lindor red foil-wrapped eggs – they are yummy!!! 😃😋


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