The Allotment Diaries: Part 2

It’s been a super busy couple of months since my last update. I’ve been planning and sowing in preparation for planting on the allotment and I’ve also been doing a lot of work in my edible back garden.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on companion planting so I can plan exactly what is going to go with what and where. So far it seems to be going well. It helps me to decide what vegetable seeds to sow and what edible flowers will help attract bees and hopefully keep the pests away.

These are my garden raised beds, the second one needs more filling then I can plant my veggies out once they are ready.

In my garden raised bed we have two types of potatoes (Maris Piper and Charlotte) My spring onion plants and chives were doing well until my potatoes went a bit wild the last week and are now hiding the spring onions so I might have to relocate them!

Potato plants

I’ve got two established broad bean plants, and a few seedlings have just started coming through. I’m not even sure I like broad beans but I really like growing beans and the flowers are really unusual.

Broad beans

I have also planted some more garlic, but my original shop bought garlic is doing well in comparison to the nursery garlic I planted weeks ago which hasn’t shown its face yet!


I have recently planted out my cauliflower plants. After an initial purple spell which I’m told is quite normal they have gone back to green and are growing very well.


I had to discard some of my cauliflower seedlings as I planted too many. Note to self; Don’t sow the whole packet of seeds in one go as now you have a million cauliflower plants to find a home for! Lol.

I have a little space left in my first bed for some flowers to attract the pollinators. I’m currently growing Nasturtiums, marigolds and chamomile in my green house for this bed. These make fabulous companion plants for these vegetables.

My tomato plants are doing amazingly, they are really happy in the greenhouse so that’s where they will stay for the time being. My scotch bonnet chillies are back indoors and are growing much better now.

Tomato plants

The allotment

I have also just acquired an allotment so I have tons of space to grow! Feeling very lucky. There’s a lot of work to do there still, we’ve built four raised beds but only one is filled and ready to use. So I’ve been busy deweeding and planning what I’m going to grow there. (Probably more cauliflowers!!)

I have been growing cucumber, courgette and beetroot seedlings which I will plant there when they are ready.

Cucumbers which are a little slower to grow compared to the courgettes

I have also sown chantenay carrots, red onions, leeks and sweetcorn to go in the bed when the weather warms up. A few more marigolds and nasturtiums and we have ourselves a veg bed πŸ™‚

We are also planning a runner bean teepee for our two year old to play in and now. I’ve been growing our runner bean plants in preparation so they are ready to plant out on the allotment once the teepee is built.

It’s surprising how quickly these little beans grow. I can’t remember exactly when I sowed the seeds (should really start writing it down) but they are doing so well! I initially put them in the greenhouse but brought them back in as it seemed too cold and they started to grow within a few days of being indoors on my window sill. They are back in the greenhouse for the time being as the weather is improving and they are thriving!

Runner beans

I’ve got also got some alpine and regular strawberries in hanging baskets which were in the greenhouse for a few months. Keeping them in the green house really sped up their growth and now they are lush and green and are outside ready to be transplanted in their own palette planter. I’ll take a photo of this when it’s finished. We need to get this done ASAP as the strawberries are now producing runners so we can make even more strawberry plants for next year. We are big fans of strawberries in our house 😊

Have you tried to grow your own? I would love to hear from you!

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