Making a runner bean teepee ⛺️

Since before we even acquired our allotment I’ve been busy thinking about ways I can make it a really fun and engaging place for my kids. I have a fourteen year old and a two year old, the age gap makes it really hard!

It’s really important to me and my husband to engage the children in the allotment as we want them to feel a connection to nature and to have a good understanding of where food comes from.

Last weekend we concentrated on making something that was both functional but also super fun for the littlest one. My husband has built us a runner bean teepee!

I’ve seen it a few times on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea and have been busy growing my runner beans for months in preparation.

It took my husband a few hours to build the actual structure, he built it using pieces of wooden batton which were going to be thrown away by a blind company. Apparently these are regularly thrown away so we are already thinking of other things we can make with them. (I would love any suggestions!)

Building the frame

Not only will it eventually be a really cool tent once it’s covered in leaves and vines but it’ll also make picking the beans a bit easier as me, and the little helpers will be able to pick from inside too. 😊

Teepee all painted 👍

Although I didn’t help build, I did grow all the beans after all 🌱

After a couple of hours waiting for paint to dry (literally 😂) and getting the plants in their place, here’s our finished project 👌

The little one is very happy! Next zero waste project is strawberry guttering planters. Watch this space 💚 🍓

Have you tried to grow your own? I would love to hear from you!

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