The Slow fashion revolution – Could Depop be the New Topshop?

For the last couple of weeks my teenage daughter and I have been absolutely obsessed with Depop. If you haven’t heard of it then I’ll give you a little brief explanation of what it is. It’s basically eBay for 2019 but for second hand clothing.

Now since doing my university dissertation on sustainability in the fashion industry in 2016, I’ve been a bit obsessed with finding ways of avoiding fast fashion. I’ve always really loved thrift shopping and like most people my go to thrifty shop is usually the local charity shop on the high street. One of the biggest problems I’ve encountered with charity shopping is that most of what’s available is pretty unfashionable, and as a fashionable but thrifty girl, I do struggle. I’ve tried charity shopping many times, some days I’d get an amazing find, but others there would be nothing. This has left me little choice but to, on occasion, go back and forth to for a bargain fast fashion fix I’m not at all proud of. In fact, it’s pretty soul destroying.

But now for the silver cloud, I have now discovered Depop! I’ve heard it mentioned by fashion YouTubers when popping by my daughters bedroom to pick up washing (the usual!) but I didn’t really give it much thought.

But for some reason I decided to give it a go and downloaded the app. Depop is basically a place where cool, fashionable 18-30 somethings sell their unwanted cast offs. These are often people stuck in the fast fashion whirlpool who only want to be seen in the same item once or twice and then sell it off at a bargain price. These kids are friendly as hell, and are just as happy to converse with you about your style needs as they are to take your cash. It’s honestly great! To show you how great it is I have managed to convert a trend obsessed, fast fashion and high streetaholic (my 14 year old daughter) and now she has swapped her topshop sprees for Depop shops and is so excited about getting so much more for her money and helping the environment in the process.

Here’s a little list of all the bargains we have found on Depop so far in the last couple of weeks…

Brand new “In the style” Mom jeans – £13
Nike trainers – £10
Adidas Stan Smith trainers – £15
Hollister T shirt – £3
Topshop ripped jeans – £13
Vans T shirt – £6

And I even managed to find a gorgeous dress for an upcoming wedding for £8

and this seller couldn’t have been lovelier or more helpful. That’s the kind of service you don’t get from these big brands on the high street.

And here’s my little outfit! Hurrah! Am I cool again? 😂

I’m converted, and if you are looking for an alternative way to shop which is not only kinder to the environment but is also kinder to your wallet then you should totally give Depop a go! What’s also great is you can sell your own unwanted clothing on there too. There is a small fee from the company when you sell and you also have to pay a postage fee on top of the final cost if you buy but postage costs tend to be very reasonable and under £3.

Have you tried Depop? I would love to hear from you!

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