About me

Hi all 👋

Thank you sooooooo much for visiting my blog! It honestly means the world!

My name is Nikki, I am a 35 year old mummy of a teen and a toddler. I’m a desperate wannabe eco-warrior (looking for progress not perfection) thrifty saver (I bloody love a bargain) and self-confessed weirdo.

Picnic time at the allotment

My blog posts are primarily about finding products and ideas to help reduce our family’s carbon footprint. By reducing our plastic consumption and swapping products for more ethical brands and trying to save money along the way I can hopefully inspire other people to do the same.

My mission is to find amazing ethical products and review them just for you so you can also make more informed choices for you and your family, for the environment and hopefully for your pocket too!

Plastic free toothpaste

I also champion foraging, growing your own and gardening for wildlife.

This years allotment produce
Wildlife herb patch

My dream is to live a self sufficient life, with our own produce, own live stock and our own solar power etc. The good life for 2019!

Welcome to my Thrifty Green Life 💚